Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Seeking Vet Nurse Positions Finally!

I'll keep this brief.

I've moved twice this year, but all with good purpose. I helped my mother before gaining more independence, and spreading my wings to an area south of the river. Time to leap into a world I have longed for, a job I am most passionate for, where I can wake up smiling, and go home still with enthusiasm for my job.

Yes, I am now looking for a part time or full time position as a veterinary nurse.

That aside, what else has been happening? My Twitter has reached over 100 followers, meaning at least 100 of them are veterinarians, nurses, suppliers, donors or animal enthusiasts. So thankyou to those who follow and support me as a veterinary nurse (stuck in retail for 18 months), at least I am committed to the job.

I've rediscovered all my veterinary nursing books and worksheets, and have begun revising, so I am well prepared to start as a veterinary nurse again.

So why did I move twice? In short, this second move is where I have intended to move for 2 years, and now I am close to a large array of veterinary clinics for all animals great and small.

This is why it's time to go jobhunting again!

I'm already excited, that soon I can practice as a Veterinary Nurse again.

Thankyou to followers, friends and family who support and acknowledge me as a veterinary nurse.

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