Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Get your Priorities right!

Today I was accused of having my priorities all wrong, because I chose to adopt a kitten, and save a life. Instead of going to a silly birthday party that would have been a total of 90 minutes driving time.

J├Ąger and Sampson,
both adopted through HAART,
 already best friends.

It's the people who judge my priorities, when animals health, well-being and welfare are 100% top of my priorities which stop so many animals from finding a forever home. People like that, are why there is still a large number of cats and dogs still being euthanased because they never find a home.

I'm glad there are those that have their priorities straight, helping to home animals, adopting instead of buying from pet shops, would go one less meal to feed an animal, would go without a party because an innocent animals life is far superior.

It astounds me that people could possibly accuse anybody of having their priorities wrong, in choosing to spend money to adopt a cat, and skip out on a birthday party, which really is just an excuse to drink.

Adopting may not seem like the biggest difference sometimes, but it really is. Adoption of an animal, means that one more cat or dog has the chance to find its forever home.

I hope we can educate those that show no compassion, or at least make a better tomorrow for all the unwanted animals out there needing a home. A loving home.

Ways YOU can help:
  • Adopt a cat or dog through an approved organisation, some examples, HAART, SAFE, FOCAS, Cat Haven, Cat Refuges, Dog Refuge Shenton Park, GAP (Greyhounds as Pets), Greyhound Angels of WA, etcetera.
  • Foster cats or dogs, birds, or whatever other animal that needs a foster home.
  • Donate money, pet food, bedding or supplies to aforementioned organisations.
  • Spread the word about the organisations, encourage friends/family to adopt from an approved organisation instead of adopting from a pet shop, where you may inadvertently be supporting puppy farms, and poor breeding conditions.
  • Educate people on ways to help, reason for caring, teach children compassion and respect for animals, demonstrate compassion and respect for animals.
  • Commit to the decision you make to adopt an animal, if you adopt, it is forever, not just for now. Make sure you think seriously before making the decision to adopt a pet. Pets are for life.