Monday, 19 September 2011

Kitten Conundrums

Messing about the house. I don't just mean knocking over your precious ornaments or heirlooms. I'm talking about urine and faeces in your washing! (litter box training).

So your gorgeous new kitten has just messed on you stunning new dress or your favourite cap. Let's stop this becoming a regular problem.

Paws Solved: When your kitten wakes up, exercises or eats a meal he/she will likely need to use the litterbox, so taking kitten to the litter box shortly after, will encourage use. Reward your kitten with a treat after using the litterbox (though do keep in mind how many treats you are giving, or use cat food, always provide less in the meal if giving more during snacktime). Kitten will be more happy to use the litter box if it is clean, so clean it, wash and replace with fresh litter. (You wouldn't use a toilet which was dirty would you?)

New couch? Don't you mean Scratching Post? Kittens love to sharpen their nails and keep them short, so buying a new couch will be such a treat for them! But a half ripped couch doesn't tend to blend with the decor.

Paws Solved: Make sure you either use a scratch deterrent sheeting or attach double sided sticky tape to deter kitten. Provide a scratch post, tree bark or even carpet for kitten to keep up the manicures, and save your couch from destruction.

Eating the Roast. Kitten loves food, but this does not mean that human food is a healthy source of nutrition. In fact there are many human foods that can be toxic and even fatal to your kitten. It's also unpleasant if you turn from your meal one second, and the next it's in kitty's mouth, bounding away.

Paws Solved: Don't provide food to your kitten ad lib (always out and available for kitten). Provide between 3 and 6 meals to your kitten throughout the day. Always prioritise your own meal first. Do no feed kitten off your plate because this tells him/her it's okay to take your food. Use the feeding guides on packaging, just remember it's a guide not a rule. More active kitties will need more food than less active kitties, and most likely you are feeding too much. Check with your veterinarian if you are unsure about kittens weight and food supply.

I won't cover all the tough stuff in Kittens. But if you have questions or would like information/a post on another topic, feel free to ask on a comment.

*Note: Litter used: Recycled Newspaper. (Probably not allowed to specify brand.. but good stuff).

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